The Rutles

"The Rutles" can be called the equivalent to "One" by the Beatles, putting all the hits the prefab four had on one single disc. Still there is a tiny difference between the two - the Rutles never bothered to have other songs than those on this record. This is the soundtrack to the film that I liked quite much and there would be no reason why I wouldn`t like this record. First, I like the Beatles. Second, I like a good parody, and that`s what it is in essence. Neil Innes is very good at combining elements from different Beatles` songs, adding lyrics that could have been penned by the Beatles if they had been in a very silly mood and thus we have a record that even the Beatles themselves would have found to be pretty goood. Almost every song on this record could have been a hit, had it been recorded in the sixties and had the Rutles been a real band. My favourites include the sad and sweed "Between us", the goofy Ringo-styled "Living in Hope", the give peace a chance "Love Life" ("love is the meaning of life, life is the meaning of love"), the upbeat piano ballad "Another Day", the crazy "I have always thought at the back of mind - cheese and onions" and the tribute to "Get Back" - "Get up and go" and of course, the biggest hit ever - "Hold my hand", but on the other hand songs like "I must be in love" and others aren`t worse than those either. A very good record, not the best of the century surely, yet very enjoyable.
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