Turn! Turn! Turn!

Although the name would indicate that - with the Byrds being an equivalent misspelling for the Beatles, the content of their music wasn`t that beatlish at all. This album is much closer to a country/pop/folk record than to the Beatles. The album opens with the terrific "Turn! Turn! Turn!" (I`m not sure that I`ve bothered to listen to its lyrics carefully enough to understand, why should I turn but who gives a damn if it`s so damn (once again) catchy). The next song "It Won`t Be Wrong` has a title similar to "I won`t be long" but I don`t know why I came up with such a comparison. Overall I guess this sort of music hasn`t aged especially well - it`s just your average (well, maybe way above average) middle aged man`s music, so I wonder how the Byrds were cool in the 1960s in the first place. I have nothing against this kind of music but it somehow lacks some sort of energy for me to be able to enjoy it without restraints. And why did they cover "The Times They are a Changin`" adding some 50% to the perfect pace Dylan had given to this song? Out of the western styled songs I enjoy "Oh! Sussannah" the most, with it`s nice banjo sound and the very fast country train tempo.
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