This is a book I read as a part of my "learn the best from the soviets so you no longer would be an uneducated bafoon" project. Actually that`s the same story of book binding I mentioned here some weeks ago. This Bykov fellow seems to have been a Belarussian writer who specialized on WW2 stories, having been there himself. This one is about two partisans who want to escape from the Germans and locals following them but they don`t succeed and one of them dies in the end, while the other one starts cooperating with the Germans. What`s good about it is that it`s no black and white story, no one is completely good or completely bad, everyone has some concerns of his own that have made up him to be what he has become. What I didn`t like was the subject itself and the writing manner - a bit too trivial for my taste, that`s certainly not my cup of tea - this kind of writing. I guess I`d rather choose something more adventurous. I doubt that I`m going to read anything else by this writer in the upcoming years.
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