Up The Bracket

A few years ago the Libertines were selling better than hotcakes and the entire world was raving about them. And then they split up. Or their lead singer died from OD-ing. Or there was some other reason, why the band split up. Anyhow, nowadays only very few people remember about how good this band used to be. I don`t mean that they`re forgotten, but if you`d ask the average listener what he thinks about the Libertines, most likely he`ll say: "Artic Monkeys rule!" or something like that.
Me, I had never really given this band a try. I don`t know why. I sorta like the Strokes, I sorta like the Hives and I sorta like some other bands I can`t remember right now. Yet the Libertines seemed to be too fab for me to care for them (as if the Strokes weren`t the same). Anyhow, here`s "Up the bracket" - their debut. The first seconds of Vertigo promise a fast tempo garage/punk record with loud and dirty guitars, a bit of goofy singing and some nods to the Clash on the way. The songs are quite similar to each other, having the same back beat driving them forwards. What one could probably say is that the singer of Libertines doesn`t have a good singing voice, yet for punky music that certainly isn`t required, and who would need hymns like "Boys in the band" or "Vertigo" to be performed by a group of professionals like Emerson, Lake & Palmer anyhow? If it`s sheer energy we want, then "Up the bracket" is what we need. If we need 20 minute long songs with mulitple parts, we don`t need no Libertines for that. They are a band that can come up with an LP with the total length of 36 minutes and yet rock harder than the Flinstones.
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