Shura i Prosvirnyak
book — USSR — 1982

This is the first entry in this factoid in a new stage of my life. From now on I`m a married person - a fact that still seems very odd and slightly ungraspable to myself. I`m not sure that I feel very much different, but some things have changed and surely will change in my life.
As for the book it`s actually something in the middle between a short novel and a long story. It`s a social piece about people working at some ministry in the early 1950s in the USSR and about the way the not so young, not so gifted and not so hardworking Prosvirnyak makes an unexpected and fast career at the time when the ever so professional Shura loses all the ground below her because of this Prosvirnyak. Readable, but forgetable. By the way I suspect that from now on the records in this factoid may become shorter (almost without a doubt) and rarer (although I wouldn`t want to limit my "spiritual" life, but I may decide to give it a miss to some boring crap that I`ve been reading and watching lately).
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