Das Beate Uhse Erotikmuseum
exhibition — Germany — 2006

It would be a sin for me and my wife not to visit a museum of erotic on our trip to Berlin. After all, everyone knows that Berlin is the European capital of both sex and drugs. Not of rock`n`roll though, that`s not an area where Germans have excelled in the past few decades. But who needs rock`n`roll in a museum of erotics? Sadly we were a bit dissapointed with the museum. We had already been in a similar place in Prague and there it was much more interesting - for there were lots of ancient technical sexual appliances - both funny and gross. Here the museum mostly consists of "erotic" works of art - drawings and sculptures with vaginas and penises. To me the most interesting aspect of this museum was looking at other visitiors. Actually I do find it kinda peculiar seing single men and women in this museum. I can completely understand how a couple can go to a place like this, or even two friends but what sort of pathetic people go to a sex museum alone?
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