Rosemary`s Baby
film — USA — 1968

Despite the fact that Roman Polanski is considered to be one of the most important living filmmakers, I can`t call myself a big expert of his work. So far Rosemary`s Baby has been just the second of his films (after The Pianist) that I`ve seen in its entirety. Rosemary is a young woman that`s married to a moderately successful actor who has so far appeared in several plays and some TV commercials. They decide to rent a new apartement and for that they choose quite a pretty place in a house where strange things have happened over the years, yet Guy and Rosemary are young and happy people and why should they worry about tales of dead infants being found in the house or living children being eaten alive? Some things do seem somewhat strange though, especially that concerns their neighbours - an elderly couple - whom Guy somehow gets strangely attracted to. But everything turns really strange when Rosemary gets pregnant (she has some strange visions about that for the neighbours have given her some sort of a strange drink). The whole thing with the baby doesn`t go perfectly well - Rosemary is given some strange drinks which she gets prescribed by a famous doctor and which don`t make her feel better. Only with time she learns to understand that she`s surrounded by a group of practicing witches that have involved her in some crazy ritual, and the trouble lies in the fact that her husband has sold their child to the devil for success as an actor. And in the end, when the baby is born, it doesn`t get used in satanic rituals for there`s no need for that - after all, it`s not Guy who`s the baby`s father, but the Devil himself. To be honest, this film isn`t the scariest one I`ve ever seen, but it`s still pretty haunting. Actually it`s somewhat similar to some works by Hitchcock, as a film that mostly relies on suspense and not on troubling images, yet it is scary enough for a person to become a troubled mind after watching it for sure. By the way, Rosemary is played by a very young and good looking Mia Farrow (before her connection with that Allen creep). Certainly a must-see for all lovers of scary movies (but not of Scary Movie though).
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