Yes, Virginia
music — USA — 2006

First I learned about this band`s existance in late 2004 (or it wasn`t that late, nevermind) with the poppy and cabaret-like song "Coin Operated Boy" which instantely stuck in my head where it still remains. After that came a brief introduction to this band by a friend of mine who somehow thought Dresden Dolls to be one of the best modern bands. Since I normally don`t care about other people`s opinions I never listened to the bands debut album, so "Yes, Virginia" came to me as the first experience with the band in the LP form. I can`t really say (paraphrasing one of the songs of the album) that it was "The first orgasm of the morning" (although I did indeed listen to it in the morning for the first time - if you call 12:30 morning, of course). Actually now I`ve been listening to it for four hours. The most characteristic aspect of this duo of piano and drums is the theatrical/broken rhythm which somehow makes the listener believe that Dresden Dolls could have been performing in pre-war Europe, although they haven`t for sure. This is one of the rare cases when I don`t mind an album for being too monotonous (although it certainly is a very far cry from diverse), for it somehow works well on almost every level. The songs aren`t too sticky, but most of them have a strong backbone to hold them together. My favourites include "Shores of California", "Mrs O", "Dirty Business" and the already mentioned "First Orgasm" (which by the way starts off like one of the songs on the debut of Matching Mole).
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