Hello, Young Lovers
music — USA — 2006

It`s year 2006 out there. Elvis is long dead and buried. Slobodan Milosevic is long dead and buried. Rock`n`roll is long dead and buried. Ozzy has completely sold himself out and turned into a joke. Sparks still do the same kind of twisted piano/strings pop they did back in early Seventies. Their lyrics are still funny, one of them still has a very impressive voice. The opening "Dick Around" gets a bit heavy in the second part of the song and I can`t say that I like it as much as the first part of it, before the guitars kick in, still the "All I do know is dick around" chorus is cool. "Perfume" has the same dirty guitar noise in the background, put up to a steady bass rhythm. The first real highlight on the album doesn`t follow the "Propoganda"/"Indiscreet" pattern as closely as the preceeding numbers and it sounds a bit messy to be honest, yet it`s once again saved by a perfect chorus: "Baby Baby, can I invade your country?" "Waterproof" is the most typical Sparks song on the entire record with the goofy operette meets rock music attitude that Queen lifted from Sparks. Come to think of it, another brilliant song is "There`s no such thing as aliens". The band is still capable of delivering the goods, that`s for sure, but I still see that they have to try harder in order to be in top form than it was for themselves when they were young - occasional moments of sloppines don`t let "Hello, Young Lovers" to take the same level of "Big Beat" and some other their records from the 1970s in my heart.
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