Plan 9 from Outer Space
film — USA — 1959

Films rarely get sillier than this one - the story that the film tries to tell is at least as senseless as that of "Scary Movie 4", yet this film supposedly is a serious horror movie and not a parody. It`s directed by Edward Wood who`s mostly famous as the hero in Tim Burton`s "Ed Wood". Mr. Wood is considered by many people the worse filmmaker of all times. And he truly tris to convince everybody that he deserves his status. The story goes something like this - aliens want to inform the Earth that if people don`t change they will annihilate the universe (a bit similar to "The day the earth stood still"). But since nobody listens to them, they decide that the best strategy to convince people of their seriousity is raising the dead and thus prooving their power. So they make three zombies that start killing people. In the end the aliens have to flee, of course. Actually I can`t really imagine that this film was meant to be serious. It`s such an incoherent mess with zillions of goofs, mistakes, cheap props etc. that it seems impossible that Mr. Wood didn`t do this film as some sort of a parody. Yet everyone claims that he wasn`t. This film truly is a must-see for it`s badness. Actually, the rating doesn`t mean that it`s good - for it`s worse than you can imagine, but it reflects the fact that I quite liked it, nevermind how godawful it was.
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