I didn`t really know that this fellow already existed back in 1965 but it seems that Donovan may be older than I thought him to be. This album has only one song that I knew previously - a cover of Buffy Sainte-Marie`s "Universal Soldier" which is one of the best folk songs I`ve heard in my life and certainly among the most impressive anti-war messages of the 1960s. Other songs include the moody "Colours" which sounds as if Donovan was at least 50 when he sung it. The lyrics to it are kind of dumb "Blue is the color of the sky when we rise. That`s the time I like best." yet it`s still a damn good song. Overall this is a nice little album that sure had no chance to change the world for it doesn`t strike the listener momentarily but is a record of well recorded and well produced hippy/folk music. Of course, in terms of lyrics he`s no Dylan or Cohen, but at least his voice is more likeable than that of Dylan and he`s guitar playing is more advanced than that on Cohen`s records.
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