Lord of the Flies
book — UK — 1954

This is a story you may be already familiar with if you watch Simpsons regularily. You know the episode when the schoolbus crashes and the children are swept to a desert island and have to eat each other in order to survive. Actually I supposed this would be much more gruesome than it was. Basically it`s just a story for the kids where some of the kids are killed by other kids and the lord of the flies (Beelzebub in old Jewish) is just a pigs head on a stick and the Beast is a dead parachutist. The novel mostly revolves around the conflict between the positive hero Ralph and the negative one Jack with the chubby Piggy thrown in the middle of it. The whole thing is full of metaphors of course but I don`t give a damn about that, I only care that this isn`t particulary interesting to read, therefore I can`t say that this is the best shit ever.
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