Stadium Arcadium
music — USA — 2006

Back in the 1980s the Peppers were chilly indeed. They wore nothing but socks on their penises during concerts, they sang about how "Catholic Schoolgirls" ruled and they were the epithomy of being alternative in respect to everything you can imagine. Their decline as an alternative force began with "Under the Bridge" which was a perfect song for young romantic girls. I still believe that "Californication" was a very good record though, although it is a bit too poppy of course. With "Stadium Arcadium" the band tries to become a bit more artsy than it`s ever been. You wouldn`t expect a double album with titles "Mars" and "Jupiter" for each of the records to be a dumb record, or would you? WIth the Peppers you can never know. It doesn`t seem that this is any sort of a conceptual album but that`s not a thing I would expect from the peppers. Basically it`s ballads in the vein of that accoustic song on "Californication" - "Road tripping" and lots of funky beats on other songs. I have no idea whether Kiedis and company have any clues what they are singing about but that`s music for jumping around and not music for writing essays on Gertrud Stein`s influence upon Henry James. And now I would like to jump around the office. Yet since I can`t do that I`ll take my bike and go looking for a brand new cadillac. Not a cadillac maybe, but a used Ford or Opel, but who cares?
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