Two Sides of the Moon

Keith Moon is to rock music is as a a stark raving mad witch is to a medieval village. He`s loud, he`s proud, he`s drunk, he`s one of the greatest drummers of all times and, of course, he`s dead. Over his 15 years long career as a part of the Who Keith had earned himself a reputation of an unpredictable fellow with lots of boose and there`s no wonder that the same thing can be said about him on his sole album as an individual. He himself claims on a radio spot bonus on this record that "it`s one of the the brilliantly constructed album ever to come out of me", and he isn`t exterragating it by a bit. He also mentions that it could be also his first and last album as it also was, which is no surprise for a man of Keith`s lyfestyle. The record is an energetic barroom thing with lots of country music influences and terrible singing by Keith. He was a drummer and not a singer as you know. Out of the songs the real highlights are those that are included here as bonuses - I especially like "Naked Man". Here it`s not a problem that Keith can`t stay on key but there`s enough humour and groove to lift the song up. "I Don`t suppose" is the only emotional song on the record, although I gotta say that Keith isn`t exceptionally good even at reciting lyrics. In that case I`d prefer "Do Me Good" that a bit sounds like an early Ringo Starr song, which is no surprise, since RIngo has a lot of presence on this album and since Ringo and Keith had a lot of common drinking to do. I don`t suppose I`ll listen to this stuff much after this time but it`s bee a fun two hours with it and not every album can say that.
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