The Da Vinci Code
film — USA — 2006

Millions of spears will be broken about this film and everyone has to have an opinion of his own. Why? I don`t really know. I watched "National Treasure" a year ago and at that time nobody said: "Oh my god! It`s a film that tells the truth about masonry!" This is a film of art and not a documentary, why would one believe that everything it tells is true? Do you believe that Tom Hanks is a professor of any sort? Do you believe that Audrey Tautou would understand a slightest criptological question? My answer would be: no. Then why would you believe everything around it true? And why does it really matter? As for what it`s known Jesus might have not been a real person at all, then should I care whether he preferred the sandal or the gourd? One can not prove anything that happened two thousand years ago, therefore everything about it is just a speculation. The film itself didn`t have enough motion imho and I also thought it wasn`t controversial enough. Basically the film didn`t make fun of any real Christian values at all, it didn`t even talk much about symbolic sex, then why would I care about it? If I made a film that stated that Jesus was in fact not executed upon a cross but became a travelling used furniture sales agent that would be a scandal. But this? This isn`t a great film of course, for Ron Howard tried playing it too safe with the film but it`s not a worthless either
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