911 - Loose Change Second Edition
film — USA — 2006

This is a film about a conspiracy theory, therefore I am completely aware that what the film claims to be absolute truth may be based upon misinterpratations of facts so they would comply to the message of the theory. Therefore I can not say that what Loose Change tells is close or any close to truth. What it presumes to be true is that the Attacks of 9/11 were initiated by the United States government in order to start a holy war. They show different videos, people`s quotes and other stuff to support the theory. On one hand I can see that lots of this stuff isn`t really solid, yet neither is the official position of the government. As a person with little belief in the greater good in people I can`t say: "The government would never do that to it`s people!" Yet I also wouldn`t believe entirely to Dylan Avery`s version, for I guess it would be much easier to let a thing like this happen and do nothing about than doing it yourself, including starting major cover-ups in a case when it would cost much less money simply saying to some Bin Laden fellow: "By the way, Os`, you probably know that our defence system against hijacked planes flown into buildings isn`t particulary strong." At least it`s what I`d do, or if were even lazier - I`d wait for Osama to come up with the plan himself and just sit on my lazy butt while everything happens. As a serious statement the film isn`t particulary serious, for there was too little resource involved in that, yet I can`t agree that this was interesting to watch.
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