Skatuve — theatre — Latvia — 2006

That was a bizarre theatre performance me and my wife went to see just because I got free tickets for it from my work. The play was done by a Latvian-Slovenian group of actors/musicians as a puppet/garbage show. The story told about a man without a face who participated in some revolution and became known as the enemy of the state. He met a certain Rosa Luxemburg-Monroe and was charged for murdering her. After being beaten up by the cops (or some secret service) he became free once again, met a woman to love and in the end realized that his face was gone. The strange thing was the fact that the leading character was played by clothes of a baby that was held in the hands of several actors, and some other characters were made of random everyday appliances. In this way the play somewhat reminded me of a few films by Jan Svankmajer. The story wasn`t particulary straight, and most of the time it made little sense to me. One more thing that stood out was it being performed in English with Latvian and Slovenian accents. A man was singing in the background and I have to admit that he had quite a strong voice. What else? The play was held at the independant theatre "Skatuve" ("Stage") in a rather creepy location, so we had to leave our car rather far from the theatre. Yeah, and the chairs were very uncomfortable.
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