The Ultimate Secret
book — France — 2001

This was my second meeting with Mr. Werber`s writing and I must admit that after "The Empire of the Angels" I was expecting a litte more from this book. The main question of the book seems to be - who killed a famous doctor of medicine after he just has won a battle of chess agains the best computer in the world? A certain Miss Anderson who he had an affair with claims herself as the one responsible - after all he died at the moment of having an orgasm. Yet a couple of journalists don`t believe that everything is that simple. Only with time they discover that this fellow (I`m terrible at remembering names) had come into posession of the "ultimate secret". The nature of the secret isn`t such that various groups of very serious persons (VSPs) would want to take hold of it (actually they would, but it`s not the question here), it`s the secret itself that can make one die. The book contains a list of motives that drive peoples actions: 1. stopping the pain; 2. getting rid of fears; 3. primary needs of survival; 4. secondary needs of comfort; 5. duty; 6. anger; 7. sex; 8. drugs; 9. personal interest; 10. religion; 11. adventure; 12. promise of the ultimate secret; 13. the ultimate secret itself. What is the ultimate secret? It`s pleasure beyond imagination, it`s something that can make you climb the highest wall, forget about your fears, forget about all the first 11 motives on the list, and it`s something you`re ready to die for. Yet it`s so strong that you get addicted from it and there`s no cure for you in this world. That`s why it is the ultimate secret. And it is hidden in your brain.
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