Kaplichas laboranta fonoteka
music — Latvia — 2006

This is a band that (as far as I know) hasn`t sold a single record, hasn`t recorded a single album in a major (even by Latvian standarts) studio, a band that`s only popular in very special circles. I personally found it in a web site where bands could upload some of their songs, so the world would have a chance to know them. The song that I listened to first happened to be "Pavasaris" and it totally stood out among all the crap that was on that site. Music was rather silly and vocals were sung/spoken in a particulary goofy manner. In short it`s quite similar to the legendary NSRD. The band itself claims that the kind of music it performs is called "depressive synth-pop", and it may be quite true. Some of the songs despite the low individual levels of musicianship rule totally. For example, the sad "About a crow" is both funny and catchy. "The Moonlight Sonata" has a good refrain. The opening "About a bear" is a bit dadaistic. I probably won`t be listening to this record for years and years and it won`t last as long as Depeche Mode in the field of synth pop, yet among most garbage Latvian musicians tend to offer to the listeners this is so untamed that I can`t just classify it as shit and forget about PK-25. I would really like to see them perform life, yet I doubt that it would be possible.
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