To Bring You My Love

I never thought that PJ Harvey was this good. Her songs aren`t catchy in the Beatlish meaning of the word, but she`s an extremely powerful and independant woman. Songs like "To Bring You My Love" remind me of a younger (and living) Janis Joplin and now I don`t wonder anymore how come she had that song together with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Of course Janis was much more of a band blues singer, while PJ is a typical singer/songwriter.
Her songs are rather dark and depressive but that`s perfectly cool for me. Down By The Water would be my favourite song on the record, yet there ain`t a stinker in those 10 songs she`s put on this record (although the second single from this album - C`mon Billy leaves me pretty unimpressed.
But still - straight up!
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