Tired of Hanging Around
music — UK — 2006

Two years after we never got the reply to the question who killed the Zutons they`re alive again and kicking. From the opening "Tired of Hanging Around" till the ending "I know I`ll never leave" they remain the same Zutons some of us learned to love. The title track itself is very similar to "Dirty Dancehall" from their debut album. The first single of the record "Why Won`t You Give Me Your Love" doesn`t sound that much like the Zutons of old but sadly it has nothing to offer apart from the chorus - the verse part is rather boring and only the title line is very powerful. I like the second single of the record - "Valerie" - more, I know that it`s much more typical for the Zutons, but since I really liked their debut album it`s only logical that I like them when they`re closer to their former selves. At the moment the band is planning to release "Oh, Stasey, look what you`ve done" and I`m sure that it`s gonna be quite a big hit, yet for my taste it`s too slow. But at least it`s not as slow as "How does it feel" which is the closest thing this band has come to a ballad. The way their singer David McCabe is spitting out words is cool. Yet I`d prefer them to have more zuton-y songs, such like "Hello Conscience" and "Tired of Hanging Around" and less compositions in the vein of "I know i`ll never leave." I`m a punky person after all and not a sissy who enjoys Bon Jovi.
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