Song for a Tailor

This is the same Jack Bruce who sang "In a white room with black curtains" a little earlier than he recorded this album of his own. In 1969 Cream was long dead (or short dead to be more precise, for Cream broke up in November 1968 and this album came out in September 1969) and Jack Bruce had no other options to survive in this harsh world than record music on his own. On "Song for a tailor" he didn`t choose a particulary unexpected approach, mostly sticking to blues rock he had already played in the Graham Bond Organisation and staying away from guitar rock, for not a single Eric Clapton is present on this record. His singing is pretty good though and the music has a decent groove going on. As it`s typically the case with bluesrock, this album isn`t about gigantic hits, memorable riffs or catchy choruses, it`s about feeling the groove, and the groove is there. Probably I`d find something else in this record, but it`s so darn hot in Riga today that I have no other option but to say that there`s nothing close to "Disraeli Gears" on this record but that doesn`t mean that it`s that bad, it`s just not THAT good.
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