Failure to Launch
film — USA — 2006

First, a fact: this film is a very silly romantic comedy. Sarah Jessica Parker plays a woman who`s job is to help guys who aren`t sure of themselves move out of their parents apartments (she does it for the living and is paid by the parents). She has to do it with Matthew McConaughey who isn`t that unsure and then - boom! - she falls in love with him. There`s absolutely no doubt at the beginning of their relationship that everything will be found out at one stage, then there will be a time of solitude for both of them and then - kazaam! - a happy ending. There is also a minor love story between Zooey Deschanel and Justin Bratha (their friends), one of whom is a goth and other - a computer geek. I believe that Matthew McConaughey overplays his role a little and isn`t really believable, but on the other hand it`s a happy family romantic comedy, what would you want from that - high art or something? Ok, there are some pretty lame jokes but they aren`t that offensive and overall it`s a pretty decent comedy.
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