Over the Hedge
film — USA — 2006

I`ve seen quite a lot of cartoons lately and that has left an impression upon me that all they do is recycle from other cartoons. Tak "Over the hedge" for instance. First, there`s a hyper active squirrel that`s not allowed to use coffeine (a nod to "Hoodwinked"), then there`s a duo of possums that play dead on many occasions ("Ice age 2" anyone?). Then there`s the story of a racoon infiltrating in a group of animals whom it wants to use as helpers for gathering some food for a hungry bear but then the racoon learns to know what love and family is (that was used in the original "Ice Age" when Diego the tiger first approached Syd the sloth and Manny the mammoth planning to drive them to other tigers). Of course, according to a cartoon tradition you absolutely must paint a skunk into a cat (or vise versa), so a skunk-cat couple could be created (no one actually cares that they are different species) - this reminds me of a cliche from some "Warner Brothers" cartoons with the french speaking skunk and also of "Shrek" where the donkey had a dragon for spouse. The leading racoon is spoken by Bruce Willis, one of the racoons is Avril Lavigne, still the characters aren`t especially original, bright or memorable in any other way. Animation is pretty good though, still it doesn`t have a strong story to build upon and that hurts a little.
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