8 Women

This is the fourth film by Ozon I`ve seen this far - after "Swimming Pool", "Water drops on hot rocks" and "5x2" and this far it was the best one. The film supports a great cast of French female actresses including Catharine Deneuve, Isabelle Hupert, Fanny Ardant and others. One of the actresses (Virginie Ledoyen) looked that much like Audrey Tautou that I was perfectly sure that she was also in the movie. The film in itself is a classical "who killed the old man" story, yet Francois Ozon does lots of his favourite tricks in order it not to be a trivial "who did it" flick. First, he inserts bizarre musical bits in the film (reminding me of the "Water drops" film), then there`s that many unexpected twists that even Agatha Christie would have never thought of that, then there`s lots of sexuality, sensuality etc. Then the film is just beautifully filmed despite it being performed in a theatre like fashion where almost everything happens in a single room where everything looks quite unreal. A brilliant film for sure. And what do you think - who killed Marcel? Was it his mother in law? Maybe it was his wife who cheated him with his partner? Or her sister that was secretly in love with him? Or one of his daughters (one that was pregnant and other whom nobody respected)? Maybe Madam Chanel - the old black lesbian woman? Or was it his chambermaid Louise who he had an affair with? And if not - maybe it was his sister who needed his money? Who knows? I`ll tell you does - someone who has seen the film. Somoene like me.
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