Inside Man
film — USA — 2006

I wasn`t expecting too much of this film for usually I`m in for a different kind of films, I`m not sure what kind exactly that is but not this kind of films for sure. Anyway, "Inside Man" is a movie about a perfect bank robbery commited by Clive Owen (whom I keep mixing up with the goofball Owen Wilson) on the one side and a cop with a peculiar kind of logic by Denzel Washington on the other side. Owen and his gang rob a bank and take hostages inside the bank, but their plan isn`t getting something from the cops but having more time to do what they intend to do. And what do they intend to do? They want to be indistinguishable from the rest of their hostages when the police comes in. And so they do it. Some scenes in the film are comedic, like the one when a sikh hostage is taken by the police as an arab terrorist and his turban is taken away from him, so he can`t talk to people anymore, for he`s too ashamed. The ending has some twists, and although it doesn`t come particulary unexpected the film kept us all interested from the first minute until the very end. If entertainment is there, you can never say that a film is bad.
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