The Apartment
film — USA — 1960

The Apartment is on the IMDB list of 250 greatest films of all times, therefore there is no doubt that it is considered by many a great film. Of course participation on this list doesn`t guarantee much, still "The Apartment" is there right above "Blade Runner". I can`t say that I completely disagree with such an opinion but I would have my doubts about whether this film is as good as some claim it to be. C.C.Baxter (Jack Lemmon, famous from "Some like it hot") works in a very big company as a very small man. But he has some kind of strategy for becoming successful and wealthy: he lets some of his more influential colleagues use his apartment when they want to have the evening with some chick they`ve just picked up. And C.C. hopes that those fellows will help him advance in the company. Everything would be fine for him, apart from all his neighbours thinking that he is a sex maniac and apart from him sometimes having to spend the night on a bench in the park, until the boss of the company finds out about the brothel Baxter has in his apartment. As you can probably guess, Mr. Sheldrake (the director) also wants to have access to Baxter`s place. And it would be alright, were the girl he takes there not the same girl whom Baxter also loves. Fran works in one of the elevators of the company and she likes Baxter also, but she`s in love with Sheldrake who has promised her to leave his wife, but who thinks of no such thing of course, for he isn`t that sick. When Fran makes a suicide attempt in Baxter`s apartment and he finds her there they eventually could get together but she still loves the Sheldrake person (who is a stupid bastard and who deserves to die, if you ask me), so she and he both remain in their places. And with good results - Sheldrake gets kicked out by his wife so now he theoretically can marry Fran, and Baxter is promoted to Assistant Director at the company. Everything would be fine, if not for the fact that Sheldrake is an asshole. So when he asks the key to Baxter`s apartment once again he decides to cut the crap and quits the company - and I gotta admit, he does it with some style. And as you can surely guess - Fran also quits upon Sheldrake and the ending is a joyful union of the couple of good characters. What I found a bit silly in the film were some of its premises. I can imagine that company bosses could prefer an employees apartment to a hotel room for it`s not only cheaper but also gives more discrecy, yet I can`t believe that not one of the neighbours noticed that it wasn`t Baxter who had orgies every evening but some complete strangers and how nobody noticed all those strangers in the house and believed Baxter to be one hell of a sex bomb, who he wasn`t of couse. The film was funny enough, although some participants overacted a lot, for instance, Fran`s brother in law was about as believable in his role as I would be. Music in such films is also very generic and uninspiring, but overall it was still a fun film to watch, although it was more drama than comedy in fact.
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