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Hurrah! Once again I`m listening to a record from the vaults of Eric Clapton. And it isn`t even from the mid-eighties! Of course, I can`t say that I have missed him in my earphones a couple of last weeks. No, not really - I`ve listened to Eric Clapton more than enough this autumn already.
But it doesn`t necessarily mean that "Backless" is a bad album. Or that it is a good album for that matter. Or that it is an album at all and not just some lie that the governments wants us to believe. There is no album "Backless" by Eric Clapton despite what you`ve heard. It`s the same shit as nuclear weapons in Iraq and Vladimir Putin`s attempts to prove that there never was such a thing as occupation in the Baltics. There was occupation and still is. For example, my occupation is web designer. I also know lots of people whose occupation is Java programming. And who are you Mr Putin to claim that we don`t exist? All you can do is persuade us that Eric Clapton released "Backless" as a follow-up to his most commercially successful album "Slowhand" and that he put two songs by Bob Dylan on this record. But we all know that it`s lies.
Still I can`t deny that the songs that according to the liner notes should be on the "Backless" album do in fact exist. And the strangest thing is that they sound as if they were really recorded by Eric Clapton and his backing band. And even stranger is the fact that most of them are excellent old-time shuffles which simply force you tap your head and shake your foot while listening to them. Especially that goes for the closing "Tulsa time" which I for some reason always thought to be a J.J.Cale cover (which is no wonder since Clapton has built his entire career on covering songs by Cale). In fact it was written by some fellow named Flowers (or was the author Eric Clapton himself after he had eaten some magic flowers? are there any magic flowers around?). But there is a Cale cover on this record and it rocks the boat as hard as any song by Anal Cunt you can name. Personally I hope that you couldn`t name a single song from A.C.`s repertoire because in fact "I`ll Make Love To You Anytime" isn`t that hard rocking at all (if you don`t consider that the lyrics indicate that Clapton and Cale would make love to you any time in a hard rocking way) but it still is one brilliant song and I can`t help thinking that perhaps I should give it a try and listen to some records by the Cale man. By the way - strange as it may seem Clapton actually recorded this song before Cale (who released it only one year later) - thus only proving my theory that "Backless" isn`t an album by Eric Clapton at all. So you see - my conspiracy theory isn`t exactly senseless.
The rest of the songs aren`t that outstanding as the two already mentioned numbers, not even the ones composed by Dylan (as if Bob was ever that much of a bluesmaster) but they are nice, relaxed and emotionally they always hit on the spot because back in 1978 Eric Clapton still hadn`t discovered the amazing abilities of drum machines and cheap studio gimmicks that eventually would make him a worthy performer of complete shlock. If you`re looking for sensations and brilliant relevations I wouldn`t suggest you to take a sip of "Backless" but otherwise - you`re welcome to, as this truly is one very solid old-timey record (even if it doesn`t exist and has been recorded by Dick Chaney in 2006).
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