The White Stripes

Despite the fact that I consider myself quite a fan of Mr Jack White, I am not starry-eyed about him and his musical possibilities. Sometimes his music is too raw and too repetitive and the debut album by The White Stripes is probably the best place where to look for his weaknesses. By the time of making this record, Jack still had a very ascetic attitude to what a record should contain. Basically this is the only record of his where you can`t hear anything but his wild guitar blast, Meg`s vicious slashing of the drum and Jack`s own screaming in the microphone. There aren`t any really prominent melodies around - usually when Jack comes up with a great riff, he doesn`t know how to properly used it and it just doesn`t go anywhere. Almost every song has at least some catchiness about it, but not enough to make a really great song, and the level of noise and distortion on this album is slightly above what I normally prefer. There are a couple of songs that I like above the rest - those include the vicious "The Big Three Killed My Baby" (I wonder whether the big three is "KKK" or the government?) and the much more mellow "Sugar never tasted so good" and "One more cup of coffee". However even these songs aren`t among the best that Jack White has come up with during his career. I may even like the crazily primitive "Astro", but still you gotta admit - this record doesn`t exactly show Jack White as a diverse and unique performer. Yes, the raw garage rock sound is already there, but there is not enough backbone to most of the songs on this record to back it up and to make a real use of the sound that he has found.
That doesn`t mean that I can`t occasionally put this record on my stereo and enjoy it, but I know Mr White - you could do some much better!
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