Andrew Adamson

Shrek 2

When Shrek episode One first came out, it was a hit, and now it`s back and not in black. Shrek is a green ogre who rarely is in a good mood, which is no surprise for someone looking like him. He`s a mean bone crushing machine, but he has married a princess who has given up being pretty just for him. But everything isn`t that simple for princess Fiona has her parents that want to meet her newlywed husband but aren`t informed about his looks. Fiona`s father is played (or let`s say - spoken) by John Cleese. I totally adore him, but in this movie he`s nothing special. Probably, it`s because you never actually get a chance to see him (although the king does resemble Mr. Cleese`s appearance). And there`s a donkey in the film! And an evil fairy godmother! And Puss in Boots who sounds just like Antonio Banderas! What more can you want? Not that much. If this wasn`t a sequel and the funny usage of characters from different fairy tales wasn`t already a familiar thing to me, I would rate this thing higher, but you see - you can`t milk the same fairies more than once. Although I do like the fact that both leading characters don`t use the possibility to become good looking, `cos they don`t need that to be happy.
2004-08-10 00:00:00
film, 2004

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

When I was a little baby-boy I used to read a lot of books for children. "The Chronicles of Narnia" was among the books I read. Today I am not a little boy anymore, therefore I don`t read books of this kind too much. Still there is a big inner child inside me which makes me watch every movie designed for little children and happily shout how great it is. I will not give you the story of this film for I`ve already done that on the record for the book of the same title, so I`ll just state how the film compares to the book. First, there`s a much longer description of World war 2 in the film than it was in the book. Ah, who cares about this stuff anyway. I don`t care, so you don`t care, so nobody cares. Hiphop rules!
2005-12-30 00:00:00
film, 2005

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

"Nārnijas hroniku" droši vien vislabāk var raksturot kā trūcīgā cilvēka Gredzenu pavēlnieku. Ne velti tās autors Klaivs Sinkleirs Luiss bija arī Tolkiena draugs un kolēģis, kuram nedeva mieru T. bērnu grāmatu (ok - fantasy) panākumi un tad nu viņš radīja pats savu Vidusszemi, kuru viņš nosauca par Nārniju. Un līdzīgā veidā arī Nārnijas filmas ir trūcīgāka variācija par Gredzenu pavēlnieku. Tās tika filmētas vēlāk, tās (pirmās divas daļas vismaz) režisējis Jaunzēlandes režisors - tiesa, ne Pīters Džeksons, bet tāpat jaunzēlandietis, un tās arī saturiski ir labākajā gadījumā Gredzenu pavēlnieka atdarinājums.
2008-09-03 08:31:52
film, 2008