Friedrich Christian Delius

Amerikahaus und der Tanz um die Frauen

F.C.Delius goes in this book to write about one of my favorite periods of history - the late 1960s. Here you get the Vietnam war, the hippies, the Beatles and the Stones and a young insecure man who is nearly a poet but fully a loser. He can take part in demonstrations and he can love and hate the States at the same time, but he doesn`t know what to do with a girl. And when he gets a chance to do it he blows it about as good as the fellow in "American Pie" did. Not an outstanding book but not bad either. Forgettable, that`s the word.
2006-02-07 00:00:00
book, 1997

Warum ich schon immer Recht Hatte und andere Irrtuemer

I could kill a person for writing a title this long. So the review will be particulary short because after finishing I`ll probably start a life long mission of finding and executing Mr. Delius. This book is a collection of essays about everything Mr. Delius considered important enough to write about. I expected it to be funny, it wasn`t. The organisation of the book in the form of a dictionary is enough to keep the rating above the water line but not more than that.
2005-07-28 00:00:00
book, 2003