Hospitāļu iela


I can`t really believe a Latvian band recorded this album. Hospitalu iela is a relatively unknown band, but this record absolutely rocks. What does it sound like? A bit of pop, a bit of rock, a bit of reaggae, a bit of national elements - something like that. Most of the songs are easy to memorise and sing along, but that doesn`t mean that they are primitive. The arrangements are nice, I especially dig the violins. The best songs? "Par kiosku", "Vilcene", "Sinepes".
2004-07-20 00:00:00
music, 2004

Live at the Students Club

Having already talked about both this groups albums on my site I have to mention a gig of theirs I went to. It probably wasn`t the best concert of my life, especially since I wasn`t feeling very well and spend the next week after the concert at home with influenza, but it`s surely my fault and not the fault of the band. The opening act was quite intollerable and I never managed to get its name but the central band played quite a decent show. There wasn`t a single song on the set which I didn`t know - that means that the group doesn`t have a lot of new material, but it didn`t bug me at all for I`d never seen them on stage before. The lead singers did quite a good job, and even the sound mix was ok, which is a rare thing in Latvia. The band didn`t rely only on it`s "greatest hits" (as if any of their songs were hits as you understand the meaning of the word) but that was also ok. "The cat", "The heart", "Birds fly away" were my favourites of the night. A good show for a Latvian band, probably a bit too much trying to sound as in the studio but that`s alright with me.
2005-09-22 00:00:00
concert, 2005

Nav centrs

It`s been a year since the first album by this band came out, and in the somaphore effort the band proves itself worthy of it`s debut. Yet, I can`t lose the feeling that last time around they were more impressive. Together with some particulary strong tracks - songs like "The cat", "Red is visible", there are others that don`t mean nothing to me, for example "Hospitals street" is a worthless song in my opinon. Some of the songs are more mellow than on the first album; that is not really a problem for me but I`d expect more.
2005-06-21 00:00:00
music, 2005

Live at the Students` club

Iepriekšējo reizi uz "Hosielas" koncertu biju tālajā 2005.gadā, kad tai bija ievērojami citāds sastāvs un ievērojami savādāks repertuārs. Tālab bija interesanti apskatīties, kādi tad ir Šubrovskis un kompānija tagad.
2009-05-11 11:36:11
concert, 2009