Richard Curtis

Love Actually

Strange, so strange. Who would have thought that I would find this film good? Let`s think logically, for indeed we are people that never - I say never - base their opinions entirely on the "it`s so cute and cuddely" kind of attitude. No, sir. First, we have the facts. And what are the facts? "Love Actually" actually is a romantic comedy. You probably know what a romantic comedy tastes like. You take your two teaspoons of Jennifer Lopez, add a knife`s end of Matt Damon and here you have it - a romantic comedy. A film of this category is usually recognizable by a complete lack of funny moments in it. And what can you expect from a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant (oh, he`s such a cutie! - pathetic) and Mr. Colin Firth? "Bridget Jones`s Diary" would be the correct answer. But since I answered the question myself, no prize will be give. Screw you, Mr. lucky one! I don`t really why but I don`t like Hugh Grant at all. Maybe it`s because of my admiration of Johnny Depp. No, I hope not. But the fact is that Hugh Grant`s pretty face can`t be found on my "top of the poops" longlist. I do like his British accent and I can`t blame him for being a bad actor but he somehow doesn`t snap it for me. Still this film isn`t actually about Hugh Grant. Yes, he does play the prime minister of UK and he says some pretty straightforward things to the president of the United States, maybe that`s the reason why I have nothing against Grant`s performance in this film, but he still isn`t the true star of this film. Who is then? I don`t know. I like the probably bisexual dude at the art gallery, he`s cool and he looks like a fellow named Maanis I briefly know. Then there`s this funny guy named Colin who thinks that if he`ll go to America all chicks will want to have sex with him just because he`s British. Still the aging pop star Billy Mack is probably everybody`s favourite. Who else would have sung the brilliant "Christmas is all around" if it wasn`t for Mack? Who else would have not given a damn about anything sacred in this world? I don`t mean to say that this is a film of pure genius, that something like this can`t be repeated by anyone, anywhere and anytime. But this still is one of the best romantic comedies I`ve ever seen. And I feel such a total loser that I watched it alone and not together with my girlfriend who was studying for some exam. For this is a film to share with someone you love.
2006-01-10 00:00:00
film, 2003

The Boat that Rocked

Nenoliegšu, man bija bažas, pirms izvēlējos skatīties šo filmu. It kā jau Ričards Kērtiss ir lielisks vecis, ne velti "Love Actually" ir viena no labākajām pēdējo 10-20 gadu romantiskajām komēdijām, un arī citas viņa filmas man tīk labi. Bet par šo konkrēto filmu dzirdēju, ka īsti laba tā neesot, īsti nesapratu gan, kas tajā kādam nešķita labs, bet tā nu bija.
2009-09-08 20:26:30
film, 2009

About Time

Katras filmas izbaudīšanai mēdz būt pareizi laiks, vieta un apstākļi, un mēdz būt nepareizi. Īstajā kompānijā trula komēdija būs laba, neīstajā - izcila drāma - miegu uzdzenoša. Ar jaunāko Ričarda Kērtisa veikumu man sanāca apstākļu nesakritība.
2014-01-17 07:20:05
film, 2013