Sam Mendes

American Beauty

I`m not quite sure why I never watched this film earlier. Probably it`s because of the title - I`m not a sucker for films with the word "American" in the title. This is certainly a film that doesn`t easily fall into any category. The film starts with Kevin Spacey masturbating in the shower. Mainly the film is about the meaning of peoples lives - what content our lives have, what we leave behind, what do we think we are, what are we in the eyes of the others, what can we do in order to change our lives, etc, etc. It doesn`t provide real answers, it doesn`t try to moralise about things and feelings, its just a very powerful film. Lester doesn`t love his wife anymore, and he falls in love with his daughters she-friend. The daughter meanwhile creeps out of her goth shell into love with a weird guy who lives next door and who`s father happens to be a homophobic army man. The weirdo is a drug dealer whos main hobby is filming things that he finds beautiful - including the legendary dancing bag sequence. It`s surely the first great film I`ve seen this year, but I hope its not gonna be the last.
2005-01-02 00:00:00
film, 1999

Road to Perdition

I don`t know why but I thought a bit differently what this film was going about than what it actually happened to be about. To start with I never was a fan of gangster films (I guess I`ve already mentioned it on the factoid but I have no intention to check that up right now), and that means that I will never drool and rave about a certain piece of cinematic work only because somebody mentions the name of Al Capone in it, even if Al Capone was the greatest person of the 20th century. Neither am I wild about Tom Hanks. Ok, that`s no wonder for I`m not into guys. But I mean that Tom Hanks ain`t my favourite actor in the whole wide world. So in this film he plays a hitman who`s family except for one son is murdered by the son of Hanks`s boss. Since he doesn`t know a better way, Hanks goes on a mission of revenge. A bit similar to Kill Bill, by the way, only the boss`s son and Hanks were never lovers. So, the film is quite touching and it ain`t that brutal and it`s cool how Michael Sullivan (that`s Hank`s name) tries to save his son from ending up on a road to perdition. Yeah, that`s good that Michael Jr. never came to some revenge mission of his own. But the great depression and the whole thing about this movie don`t really fall into the category I`d call "mine". So that`s the point I`m trying to make.
2005-07-12 00:00:00
film, 2002

Revolutionary Road

Es esmu viens no tiem nedaudzajiem cilvēkiem, kas nedzīvo kartona kastē kaut kur Āfrikā un kas tomēr nav līdz šim redzējis visu laiku finansiāli veiksmīgāko kinofilmu, proti, "Titāniku". Un šo "netaisnību" es tuvākajā laikā vismaz neplānoju novērst, bet tas nenozīmē, ka cita ikviena filma, kurā piedalītos Keita Vinsleta un Leonardo di Kaprio man uzreiz būtu jāiekļauj melnajā sarakstā. Patiesībā gan attiecībā uz Leo šāds princips man vismaz zināmā mērā darbojas, jo viņš ir viens no man mazāk patīkošajiem Holivudas aktieriem, bet Vinsleta - tas ir pavisam cits stāsts. Ja es par šo filmu būtu zinājis vien to, ka tajā galveno sievietes lomu spēlē Vinsleta, bet režisors ir Sems Mendess - "Amerikāņu skaistuma" radītājs - man ar to droši vien būtu pieticis, lai es šo filmu noskatīties.
2009-01-09 15:11:29
film, 2008