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Tā, pavēstu, ka man ir kārtējais jaunais projekts, kas droši vien nebūs ilgdzīvotājs. Proti, esmu izlēmis turpmāk faktoīdā apskatīt diskus no savas mp3 kolekcijas, sākot ar pirmo mp3 disku un ejot pa numuriem uz augšu. Ir, protams, izņēmumi, jo neplānoju recenzēt:
2007-03-05 00:00:00
music, 1999

Radio Jah Jah

Oh my God, for the first time I`m rating a piece of Latvian creation. It`s a double LP by my favourite Latvian band. The impression on the record is somewhat divided - while the first disc consisting of self penned material is pretty good - songs like "Don`t Forget", "Disaster" or "Lullaby" could fit on an album by a major band (those wouldn`t be the best songs on such a record but anyhow) but the disc of cover tunes is mostly a dissapointment. For example, why would anyone bother to cover `Hero` by Enrique Iglesias or (sic!) "You`re my heart you`re my soul" by you-know-who. And what is a total disgrace - it`s the cover version of `Cocaine` by J.J.Cale (falsely credited to John Cale in the liner notes) which is turned into a silly disco piece of garbage. "These boots are made for walking" are ok, but not as good as the version by Megadeath. "Don`t worry be happy" is not relaxed at all. The only highlight on the second disc is "Cecilia" by Simon & Garfunkel which sounds really fresh and energic. There are also two songs by Beatles on the covers disc but neither "Rain" nor especially "I`ve Just Seen a face" sound good on here.
2004-06-17 00:00:00
music, 2004