The Golem: How He Was Born
film — Germany — 1920

"Once there was a king of Paris, there once was an emperor of Brazil...." This is a song by Roger Waters, and it has absolutely nothing to do with this film. Ok, there once was a high rabbi of Prague but it still has nothing to do with the higher mentioned song. When the king of the land -I guess it must have been the Austrian emperor told that jews needed to leave their gheto in medieval Prague, the rabbi created a monster from clay that became the servant of jews and their protector from the emperor. This golem was running on a chip inserted into his body - that rabbi was one cool dude, if he knew that much about chips in the middle ages! But there was a problem - his daughter`s secret admirer and probably even a stalker didn`t like that she made love to an emperors servant and he unleashed the golem upon him. Everything would be good, except for the servant, if there wasn`t such a thing that after he had completed his work the golem should have been never used for otherwise he could go berserk. And that`s just what he did. But as you could guess in the end it was still possible to turn that damn thing off, and lock it away. Oh, I almost forgot - the film is not only black&white but also silent, and if it was running on the same frame speed like modern movies it would have been one hell of a bore, but for a silent film it`s still fairly consistent.
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