The Name of the Rose
film — France — 1986

Umberto Eco is a great living classic of Italian literature, and "Il nome de la rosa" is his most famous novel, although I still prefer "Focault`s Pendulum". Although this film is counted as a product of France it has lots of Hollywood stars in it - Sean Connery, F.Murray Abraham (Saglieri from "Amadeus"), Christian Slater (interviewer of the vampire) and even Ron Perlman (the One in City of lost children). As for the film itself - it`s a bit of dissapointment, showcasing the story, the detective part and not the philosphical/psychological aspect of Eco`s work. Of course, I know that it would take a much longer film to put everything "Il nome" has to offer but I expected the film to be somewhat better. And it isn`t particulary interesting to watch as well. I certainly wouldn`t say that it`s the wisest choice to watch this film instead of reading the book but in addition to the book it isn`t a bad film, if you aren`t looking for something to keep you awake.
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