Road Trip
film — USA — 2000

I certainly had seen this film before, but that was way back when I was a young boy so why can`t I rate it now when years of experience have changed me like Elvis changed when he grew fat. This film, by the way, has nothing to do with Elvis but he just somehow came to my mind. Basically this is the 1st part of a film called "Eurotrip" - although it has no common actors with that film, but the idea is basically the same. The main character does something to a girl he shouldn`t have done - accidentally sends her a video of him screwing another chick. So he goes to get the video before she gets it. Some of his pal join him - so there`s the road trip. Their journey is full of gross stupidities along with some quite interesting humour. But to me this film would have been absolute bullshit if not for the performance by the infamous Tom Green - who amazingly is the most attractive character. He totally rocks in this film, quite unlike his own film "Freddy Got Fingered" which already was on this factoid. Anyhow this is no cinematic delicatess, but who would have expected that anyway? Not me, Sir. I want just some tits and an old weirdo with an erect boner. For I am a perverted pig, my dear Sir.
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