The Rolling Stones Rock`n`Roll Circus
concert — UK — 1968

I guess very few concerts with close to no spectators at all ever had a guest list as impressive as this one. Could you believe that along with the Stones who organised this even the stage was walked by (in ascending order) Marianne Faithful, Taj Mahal, Jethro Tull, The Who and The Dirty Mac (a supergroup of John Lennon, Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix drummer), Keith Richard and Eric Clapton). Most of the performances are more than awesome. Although there are som major problems as well. First, Jethro Tull don`t play the music - only Andersons singing is done live (although we actually get to see Tony Iommi - the future Black Sabbath guitarist - on their line-up), but whats worse is that "The Dirty Mac" after doing a beautiful version of "Yer Blues" are joined on stage by a violin player and... Yoko Ono. After that conceptual shit begins - Yoko screams, the violinst plays something totally unlistenable, and that is supposed to be called art. Anyhow, the Stones own performance is good - they do "Sympathy for the Devil", "Jumpin` Jack Flash", "Parachute Woman" and one more song. "The Who" on the other hand play a part from their rock-opera "A quick one" and it`s also good, especially I dig Keith Moon bashing those drums like only he can. Overall - a good performance, and wasn`t it for Yoko, it`d be even great.
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