Elvis in Concert: Omaha 1977
concert — USA — 1977

Only a madman would desire to watch a thing like this. Everybody (or at least a few elitist people on the web) knows that Elvis` best period in terms of music was the 1950s and after that he had a major decline turning from the worlds leading rock`n`roller into a Frank Sinatra with shaking hips and knees who didn`t have Sinatras voice. And 1977 was also the year when the king died (or was abducted by space aliens). By that time he was not particulary old, a bit fat, and he sung stupid songs. In terms of songs this concert isn`t actually as bad as I suspected - it has both "I want to be your teddy bear" and "Jailhouse Rock" - two from his finest numbers, but the actual performance of these songs isn`t very impressive. And neither is it interesting to see and hear him perform some stupid mellow songs that he can`t sing at all and to those he even can`t shake his overweight body. It`s a really pityful experience watching him, knowing that just a month later Elvis would have been gone. But this isn`t a good way to say farewell. At least after watching a performance like this you`d most likely never think that that guy was named the King.
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