Spontaneous Inventions
concert — USA — 1986

I know you`re probably gonna crucify me but I didn`t find the performance captured on this DVD particulary amazing. Ok, one simply has to appreciate the singing abilities of Mr. McFerrin and one also has to agree that the whole thing is pretty impressive for a complete improvisation. But one could probably notice that the whole thing isn`t that interesting musically and that it`s certainly not an entirely musical experience you get from Bobby McFerrin. Ok, Frank Zappa answered the question wheter humour belongs in music but as a matter of fact McFerrin seems to me to be more of a clown and less of a musician on this record. Yeah, sure at some times it`s funny but would you really like to listen more than once to a guy clapping upon a spectators jacket with his hands and singing: "I`m in leather"? I certainly would not. While it would probably be much more fun to watch McFerrin with my own eyes, in my opinion his magic didn`t transfer well onto this record. The biggest problem for me is that there are no real songs on here - mainly you could call that jamming if Bobby used any instruments. Therefore the only really interesting part of the concert was "Walkin`" where another dude appeared on the stage and Bobby didn`t just do his vocally miracles. In that case the bonus tracks - music videos for "Good Lovin`" and... "Don`t worry be happy" did a much better job of entertaining me. For I prefer songs to mindless vocalisations.
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