KQED Special
concert — UK — 1970

This release surely ain`t targeted at the average Joe who knows "Pink Floyd" by the title "Another Brick in the Wall" and probably has heard "Money" on his FM radio. It`s not targeted at the fan of "modern" Pink Floyd - a guy who knows his "Division Bell" by heart. And it isn`t even targeted at the regular Roger Waters era Pink Floyd fan who considers "Dark Side of the Moon" the most important piece of music created in the post-Beethoven world. No, Sir, this is a bootleg video of Pink Floyd in 1970 - the days when Syd Barrett was long gone and mad as a hatter but Roger still didn`t have his "vision" for the band. On this video we hear and watch the performances of 6 songs - "Set the Controls for the heart of the sun", "Cymbaline", "Atom heart mother", "Granchester Meadows", "Green is the colour" and "Careful with that axe, Eugene". The performances are lenghty and some of them are even interesting. Yet the quality of both video and sound is dissapointing, and only braindead people in the psychedelic years could consider showing boring landscapes to the sound of some of those songs instead of the musicians a sensible idea. Man, it reminded me of Latvian television when it didn`t have enough clips of "Coca Cola" and "Always" to fill the gaps between programs and showed some rubbish landscapes accompanied with elevator muzak instead.
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