White Pepper
music — USA — 2000

Lately I`ve been listening to "Ween" a lot, although you wouldn`t know that by looking at this factoid. I was informed by three different sources that the band was supposed to be interesting: both of my favourite music reviewers - Marc Prindle and George Starostin like it a lot, and a colleague of a friend of mine once said that "Ween" was worth checking out. I can`t say that I knew absolutely nothing about the band until recently - I had heard "I`m Waving My Dick In The Wind" quite a few times for it was on the Soundtrack to either "Grand Theft Auto" or on some EA Sports game, most likely the former. But I never thought that "Ween" would be much more than a comedy band - something similar to "Weird Al" Yankovic. In reality "Ween" turned out to be a very interesting duo with a very diverse catalog of recorded music. "White Pepper" may not be the most diverce of their records but even on here you can`t really categorize what sort of a band you`re listening to. There you have the beautiful multi-layered "Flutes of the Chi", the hawaii-sounding "Bananas and Blow", the "Ace of Spades" reminding "Stroker Ace", the crazy dissonant instrumental "Ice Castles", the easy-listening "Back to Basom", the distorted and heavy "The Grobe" followed by the funky "Pandy Fackler", a masterful pop song "Stay Forever", "Falling Out" sounds somewhat like the Zutons, although they never existed when "White Pepper" came out. This is one of the albums where I`ll say - there`s no real filler and almost every song could eventually become a hit single. Which only means that the album didn`t deliver even a single hit.
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