How I love the beautiful days when I was young, the grass was green and Queen was keen to crash your spleen but there was no Ween and it was so mean for you to be seen by your school`s dean after you`d been doing something teen. So, I`m not a great poet but I once participated in a competition at poetry.com and my poem was selected for a book of crappy poems by people willing to pay for their poems being published among other pieces of crap that everyone could have written.
Probably it has absolutely nothing to do with Queen but I just felt like getting rid of that memory. Anyhow Queen was my absolutely favorite band for quite many years and now looking back I`m not absolutely sure of the reasons for that. Maybe it lies in the fact that a friend of mine once said that it was his favorite band so I started listening to it and learned to like it. And where does this lead me? It leads me to a place where I understand that I probably don`t have a musical taste of my own. Queen was forced upon me, so was Pink Floyd. I may only like the Beatles for themselves, but everything else - I first heard how cool some band was and only afterwards started listening to it. On the other hand, I`m not sure whether you can find something noone knows about nowadays and become the first one to recognise the brilliance of it. Probably that`s better with books where I rarely read something because someone says to me that I`ll love it, I love it first and then start praising it to other people. Well, maybe I liked "Arthur" by the Kinks before I knew that was highly appreciated but one exception only proves the point.
As for "Jazz", it isn`t the most famous out of albums "Queen" recorded, but it has relatively little filler therefore it`s one of their best records for sure. But I probably can just quickly go through all the songs on this record. "Mustapha" - it would be cool, were it much shorter. "Fat Bottomed Girls" - this is a song that I sometimes find to be one of the best Queen ever recorded, while at other times I think it`s boring, right now I tend to agree to the latter version. "Jealousy" - a beautiful piano ballad. "Bicycle race" - it`s not bad but I somehow never cared for it much, despite the subject. "If you can`t beat them join them" - filler! "Let me entertain you" - cool. "Dead on Time" - filler! "Seven days" - nice. "Dreamers Ball" - very good, in the typical musichall genre that Queen were once so good at. "Fun it" - crap! "Leaving Home ain`t Easy" - filler! "Don`t Stop me Now" - one of the best tracks on the album. "More of the Jazz" - worthless. Well, maybe it isn`t such a good album after all, but who cares, this time it`s not about the album, it`s about what it makes think of me, of what I believe in and of naked women.
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