Barry Levinson

Rain Man

It`s been some 15 years since I last seen this film. Maybe less. But not much less. Therefore I partly watched it for the first time. A cast of Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman is an impressive one (although back then Dustin was much more of a famous actor than Tommy-the-pretty-boy). Tom plays Charlie who after the death of his millionaire father doesn`t get what he expected and the money is left to his retarded (actually "idiot savant") older brother Ray whos existence he didn`t even know about. So Charlie kidnaps Raymond hoping to get some part of the money from him. Or he doesn`t kidnap him, `cos Ray can`t really be kidnapped. He`s weird, you see. And he can`t get away from his routine. The best things about this film are that it doesn`t get too sugary, that it doesn`t have a silly happy end or a really tragical ending, and acting is brilliant as you could probably guess. I also liked the song with the opening titles. Probably it ain`t the best film ever made but a very good one for sure.
2005-07-06 00:00:00
film, 1988


Dustin Hoffman, Sharon Stone, Samuel L. Jackson. That`s impressive, isn`t it. A strange spaceship is found in the pacific ocean that seems to have been there since the 1700s. A group of scientists including the already mentioned trio and a guy whos name I`m not familiar with gets on the board of the ship and discovers a strange goldlike sphere. It proves that the sphere is a living thing and that one can enter it. The trio of stars are the only survivors in a submarine after the others die under strange circumstances and they have to find out who the strange fellow named Harry communicating with them is, also needing to stay alive. I can`t really say that this was a smart film, not really. It was a bit strange, a bit creepy but not particulary good. Sci-fi may be one of my favourite genres but not every film in it is good. Talkin` about "Sphere" I gotta say there`s nothing really in it that will make me remember much about the film in the years to come. Basically a throwaway.
2005-09-28 00:00:00
film, 1998

Man of the Year

Šo jauno Robina Viljamsa filmu es jau kādu laiciņu biju psiholoģiski gatavs skatīties, bet kaut kā sanāca, ka manos un Lienes kino baudīšanas plānos tai prioritāte bija nostādīta visnotaļ zemu, kas noveda pie tā, ka tā nedēļām ilgi bija skatāmo filmu sarakstā, bet par noskatīto filmu tā arī nekļuva. Nule šī situācija beidzot ir labota un varu mazliet padalīties savos iespaidos par šo filmu.
2007-04-07 00:00:00
film, 2006