Peter Greenaway

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover

That`s the second time I started watching a film by Peter Greenaway and this time I actually made it until the end. Shocking it may be and very good it may not be but still it`s a pretty decent effort. Of course, the film is full of totally obscene and somewhat dirty scenes but what else could one expect from Mr. Greenaway? On the positive side there`s Tim Roth (Rosencrantz... or was it Guildenstern?) present, it`s quite interesting to watch altough not a joyful experience by any means. A woman named Georgina for no clear reasons to me starts an affair with a jewish bookeeper Michael right under the nose of her violent and totally crazy husband who`s some kind of a criminal authority. The film is almost equally divided into sex scenes and eating scenes in a restaurant owned by Albert (the husband), where Georgina with the help of Richard (the cook) does what she`s supposed to do. Later on the film gets totally gross but I`m not gonna tell about.
2004-06-17 00:00:00
film, 1989

The Pillow Book

Peter Greenaway! Jesus, I watched another of this freak`s films. Is he gay or something? At least one thing`s for sure - never before had I watched a film with that lot of exposed penises as this one. It was a spectacular thing for sure. If I was a woman I`d probably consider this a perfect film, or maybe not. First it did bug me a bit - I mean all this Japanese stuff isn`t exactly my forte, my favourite cup of tea or anything like that. Later I learned to appreciate Peter Greenaway`s work. Choise of Ewan McGregor as the leading non-japanese was a very wise one for sure. As for the story, there`s this girl who had a caligrapher as a father and who wrote upon her face, and now she`s looking for the perfect caligraphic lover. She finds one in Ewan`s character but it`s she herself that turns out to be the writer and he - only the skin. As Ewan turns into skin himself things get a bit complicated.
2005-08-04 00:00:00
film, 1996

Goltzius and the Pelican Company

Mainās laiki, mainās tikumi. Savulaik man Pītera Grīneveja vārds saistījās ar neķītrām un nesaprotamām filmām, kuru vienīgā raisītā emocija ir "yuck!" jeb "vē!" un nez kādēļ pat uzrakstīju stāstu, kurā galvenā varoņa tēvu dēvē par mazo Grīneveju. Un nule esmu sasniedzis tādu stadiju, ka pat speciāli eju uz kino, lai noskatītos jaunāko Grīneveja lenti, par kuru turklāt ir dzirdēts, ka tā esot teju vai pornogrāfiska.
2014-09-25 03:02:39
film, 2013