Emir Kusturica

Time of the Gypsies

Emir Kusturica doesn`t have any fresh ideas lately. That is a conclusion I`ve come up with after watching this, one of his earliest, works. It has most of the elements that Kusturica has been using in his films ever since - there are gypsies, there is his favourite gypsie music, there are people running around in boxes, there are fragments from old movies, etc., etc. I don`t mean to tell that this film was no good, on the contrary - it was good. It probably has some problems with continuality - quite a few times it seemed to me that one scene had very little to do with another. Or I just wasn`t paying attention too closely, that can be also sure. Ok, this film is much more serious than one about cats but I didn`t enjoy it very much, and that`s what matter.
2005-05-09 00:00:00
film, 1989

Arizona Dream

Emir Kusturica goes to Hollywood! Just like Frankie did a long time ago. But to my opinion Emir failed in the States. Ok, he got Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway to star in this film, but this film still isn`t the best from Kusturica I`ve ever seen. And why is that? First, there`s very little interest in me for the characters - ok, probably Paul - the wannabe actor is interesting, but even Depp isn`t interesting to watch. What does the story tell? He is an orphan who`s uncle sells cadillacs, he meets Her who`s not so young and has a daughter of his age. He and She fall in love (sort of) and the daughter is jealous. The uncle dies. He is almost ready to switch from the mother to the daughter, but she commits suicide. And there`s also a partly developed story which came to Him in his dream - about some guys in Alaska and a fish. I had heard that this film had an amazing soundtrack - but I didn`t find that to be true also - ok, there was this totally marvelous song by Iggy Pop called "In the Death Car" plus the mexican "Besame Mucho" but that was it, plus quite a lot of Goran Bregovic songs which I don`t find particulary interesting. The audial material to "Life is a Miracle" is certainly better than this. Still, this isn`t really a bad film, it`s just nothing special. Oh, now when I want to add something to my comment: the behaviour of the daughter reminded me of a short film I watched something like a year ago, it was entitled "You killed me first" - and it was about as obscene as this thing, and really similar to Grace`s behaviour. Oh - and I remembered her name!
2005-02-06 00:00:00
film, 1993


Emir Kusturica should only make movies at home, and not bother to become popular all over the world. I`ve seen four of his movies so far. 3 of them were done in Yugoslavia/Serbia, one - in Hollywood. And guess what? The one with the most popular actors and the biggest budget did nothing for me. And all the rest - they were just top class movies. "Underground" is surely the hardest to bear among those 3. First, because it is a film where war goes on the whole time. The characters are still what you would expect from Kusturica, but the circumstances are just dreadful. Marko Dren and Peter Cerny are two real good friends that are communists and fight against the fascists in WW2, it doesn`t mean of course, that they`d be great people or something like that, on the contrary they are sick weirdos, that don`t care much for the others. But it happens that Peter and a group of his people has to remain underground hiding from the nazis, but Marko decides at the end of the war that he doesn`t need to inform his pals that the war is over, and they remain underground for 15 more years. Marko and Peter meet again in the Yugoslavian war of 1990s, where literary a brother kills a brother and a friend kills a friend. Of course, I read that this film is a support of the Yugoslavian fascist regime of Milosevic - but I also read and knew that already that stupid people are stupid people. And Emir Kusturica ain`t a stupid person, but a great film director, capable of creating a drama of a very high level.
2005-02-14 00:00:00
film, 1995

Crna Macka, Beli Macor

Šī bija filma, kas man atklāja Kusturicu. Iepriekš par šādu režisoru nebiju pat dzirdējis, bet pēcāk kļuvu par vidēji lielu viņa talanta cienītāju. Šajā darbā Emirs K. prezentē savu iecienītāko tematiku - rāda Dienvidslāvijas čigānus viņu priekos un bēdās, to visu ietērpjot trakā balagāna komēdijā. Šī nav intelektuālā Eiropas komēdija, kādu varētu gaidīt no... nezinu kā. Šī ir traka un jautra filma par čigāniem, kas vēlas precēties, par čigāniem, kas nevēlas precēties, par čigāniem, kas ir parādā naudu citiem čigāniem, par čigāniem, kas gandrīz nomirst un par čigāniem, kas tiek iemesti sūdu bedrē, par čigāniem ar nesmukiem zobiem, par čigāniem, kas mīlējas pļavā, par čigāniem, kas pērk preces no krievu jūrniekiem, par čigāniem, kas zaudē visu naudu azartspēlēs, un, protams, šī ir filma, kurā tu vari dzirdēt tehno remiksā ģeniālo "Pit Bull". Pārsmiešanās ir garantēta, un tas arī ir Kusturicas mērķis.
2004-02-18 00:00:00
film, 1998

Super 8 Stories

This isn`t a brand new feature film by Emir Kusturica about gypsies or Balkan wars. This is a documentary about the members of his band "No Smoking Orchestra" where Emir himself plays the guitar. What I didn`t really like about the film was that there wasn`t very much music in it. I`m not that really interested in all lives of all Bogdan Misinovices who form the magical 8 of the band. I`ve seen quarrels between band members in films before, and stylistically "Super 8 stories" surely isn`t groundbreaking. You see, I tried to watch it as another masterpiece from Kusturica, but I couldn`t achieve that - it`s not a bad documentary, but that`s all that can be said about it. Music is, of course, brilliant. Oh, the making of nude photos of musicians with their instruments was fun.
2005-03-22 00:00:00
film, 2001

Life is a Miracle

Emir Kusturica is considered to be a great filmmaker, and after this film I have absolutely no doubt that he really is one. "Life is a Miracle" is a film about the Bosnian war in early 1990s but it`s probably the weirdest film about war I`ve ever seen. Like an army man says to the main hero: "This isn`t your war or my war, it`s the war of some idiots." (or something similar to that). Luka is a railroad man, although there are no trains on the railroad, his wife is a half-crazy opera singer and his son wants to play football at Partizan Belgrade. But the war changes their lifes dramatically - Jadranka goes completely crazy and runs off with some Hungarian accordeon player, Milos (the son) is drafted and taken war prisoner, but Luka has a war prisoner of his own - the beautiful Sabaha that`s given to him planning to exchange her for Luka. But it proves that he falls in love with her and doesn`t want no change. The film doesn`t show the good people on one side, the bad - on the other, Luka doesn`t have anything to do in his position with Milosevic or anything like that. The film is apolitical. It doesn`t show any battles. It`s very warm and heartfelt. It made me cry, if you want to know. This certainly wasn`t the first very dramatic comedy I`d seen over the past years, but this certainly ranked among the best films I`ve seen - the images, the sounds, the characters, the dialogues - it all made perfectly good sense.
2005-02-03 00:00:00
film, 2004

Maradona by Kusturica

Viens no maniem iecienītākajiem režisoriem uzņem dokumentālu filmu par vienu no visu laiku izcilākajiem futbolistiem. Izklausās pēc totāla win-win, vai ne? Un tomēr sanāk viens pamatīgs FAIL, no kura nespēj paglābt pat apstāklis, ka Djego Armando visu laiku cenšas izliekties esam ļoti vieds.
2009-09-25 13:10:45
film, 2008