Jim Jarmusch

Down by Law

Es nesaprotu, kā tas ir iespējams - kā es šo filmu nenoskatījos jau ātrāk? Es neesmu sevišķs Džima Džārmuša fans, bet šajā filmā taču piedalās ne tikai Toms Veitss, bet arī Roberto Benini un Nikoleta Braši! Vienkārši neiedomājama nolaidība no manas puses!
2013-03-17 04:21:12
film, 1986

Mystery Train

Apņēmība noskatīties šo filmu man radās tajā dienā, kad skatījos "Down By Law". Tagad tā beidzot ir arī materializējusies.
2013-04-02 05:35:44
film, 1989

Night on Earth

Kamēr Džārmuša jaunākā lente "Only Lovers Left Alive" Latviju vēl nav sasniegusi, izmantoju iespēju noskatīties kādu no viņa vecajām filmām - no pieciem savstarpēji īpaši nesaistītiem stāstiem veidoto "Night on Earth".
2014-03-17 02:00:50
film, 1991

Dead Man

The film starts off with quite a significant and meaningful message. "It`s preferrable not to travel with a dead man." Sadly it`s exactly the thing that the hero of this Jim Jarmusch`s film does. It was some two weeks ago when I started watching this film but since I was feeling a bit sick at the time I didn`t manage to watch it till the end. After all can you expect a person with a headache to enjoy a film that has absolutely nothing going on but a man (Johnny Depp) sitting on a train as the train goes past a countryside. I remember falling asleep during that trip. After that the film does get a bit more active yet it never reaches such a tempo that your head will spin around from the weird twists and storyline changes. Yet what can you expect from a dead man? If you happen to be travelling under the name of William Blake you don`t even have to be a poet in order to be a dead man. Especially if you meet a strange indian who likes to be called Nobody. And if you`re just a stupid white man it`s probably the best for you to make blood your poetry, especially in the wild west. The film is also special because of its soundtrack which mainly consists of crazy guitar feedback noises and occasional guitar strumming done by Neil Young. As a whole Jim Jarmusch is undoubtely a very special filmmaker but I can`t call him the master of entertainment.
2005-11-28 00:00:00
film, 1995

Coffee and Cigarettes

Dear God! What on earth made me watch this film made by Jim Jarmusch - the most crazy of them all American film directors? He never records anything in color and he never records anything with much action in it. And why did I watch this film? First, because it was pretty good. Of course, it wasn`t particulary full of action scenes (if you don`t count drinking coffee and smoking), but as a comedy based on sketches it worked quite good. Then there`s the actors - where else do you get both members of the "White Stripes", Roberto Benigni, Steve Buscemi, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Cate Blanchett, Steve Coogan and Bill Murray together in one picture? So, what`s the best sketch in this film? I personally liked the one about Elvis`s brother, the one featuring Alfred Molina and Steve Coogan was also good, but I still consider "Nothing`s wrong" as the best one. Of course, the camera work is minimalistic, so are the settings, but this film really has got something that makes it interesting, although I don`t really know why it didn`t bore me. But it didn`t! Probably that Jarmusch fellow isn`t as evil as I supposed he was!
2004-12-01 00:00:00
film, 2003

Broken Flowers

How can this be true that women fall like crazy over Bill Murray? Is it just me or doesn`t this guy look particulary young or sexy? But no: first he had Scarlett Johansson in "Lost in Translation" and this time lots of hot chicks - including a minor aged one - fall to his grace. Don Johnston (B.M.) is an untypical macho figure that`s left by his latest flame and soon afterwards receives an unanymous letter that he has a 19 year old somewhere, so he goes on a search for the mystical son. Not that he wants to go on such a mystery quest but a neighbour of his - a devoted fan of crime/mystery solving - is able to persuade him to do so. So Don goes to meet some of his loves in order to find the one that has a son. We learn to know that the lives for his former girlfriends have played quite a lot of twists. One of them now works as a wardrobe organizer - she organizes the contents of people`s wardrobes and shelves. Another one has become an animal communicator - by that we understand that she`s able to talk to dogs, beavers and other furry creatures (there are two more women whom he visits but they aren`t that eccentric). Their attitudes towards Don differ from being willing to go to bed with him like in the good old days to starting to cry thus inducing Don being hit in a face by a rocker`s fist. The film is typical Jarmusch stuff, off course, - long pauses between sentences, beautiful imagery and not much going on. Jarmusch is certainly one of the directors who`s able to show that cinema is an art form not worse than any other, but what he lacks sometimes is "viewability" - although it`s not bad in "Broken Flowers" but it`s still far from the most amusing film I`ve seen in my entire life.
2006-02-18 00:00:00
film, 2005

Only Lovers Left Alive

Kas notiek, kad Džims Džārmušs izlemj uzņemt filmu par vampīriem? Kaut kas līdzīgs kā tad, kad viņš pievēršas vesternu žarnam - kino, kurš neatbilst nekādiem konkrētā stila kanoniem.
2014-04-13 03:22:06
film, 2013

The Limits of Control

Pirms daudziem gadiem, kas sākās mana pirmā pazīšanās ar Džārmuša filmām, ar kurām tolaik bija drusku tā kā aizrāvies Sīcis, mans sākotnējais iespaids bija tāds, ka tas ir pretenciozs un garlaicīgs sviests, ar kuru es nevēlos nekā kopīga. Tad, protams, pienāca laiks, kad es viņa filmas iemīlēju. Un tad es noksatījos "The Limits of Control", kas man atgādināja par sākotnējo mulsumu un garlaicību.
2016-12-24 09:31:02
film, 2009

The Dead Don't Die

Nav tā, ka es būtu kā traks pēc filmām par zombijiem, bet būtu neiespējami iedomāties, ka es negribētu redzēt zombiju filmu, kuru režisējis Džims Džārmušs, bet uz ekrāna redzami Bils Marejs, Stīvs Bušemi, Tilda Svintone, Toms Veitss un (epizodiskā lomā) Igijs Pops. Turklāt 2020.gada pavasaris, kad zināmā mērā pasaule patiešām piedzīvo zombiju apokalipsi, ir īstais laiks, kad šādu filmu skatīties. Gribētos cerēt gan, ka, atšķirībā no Adama Draivera varoņa šajā filmā, realitātē neviens nav izlasījis pilnu scenāriju un nevar paziņot, ka "tas viss beidzas slikti".
2020-04-25 16:30:23
film, 2019