Robert Zemeckis

Back to the Future

Uh, kā man patīk kāpt uz viena un tā paša grābekļa - pārbaudīt, vai veca mīlestība (metaforiski izsakoties) nerūsē. Proti, klausīties mūziku, par ko fanoju pamat- un vidusskolā, skatīties filmas, kas no bērnības palikušas atmiņā kā ģeniālas, lasīt kādreiz ļoti mīlētas grāmatas. Un diemžēl ļoti bieži šāds pārdzīvojums izrādās ne pārāk veiksmīgs.
2007-11-28 11:26:46
film, 1985

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This is a memory from the joyful days of childhood. Everybody loves Roger Rabbit, when he`s little. And not without a reason - this film is a perfect example of usage of mixed animation and live actors. There are toons in this world, there are people, there are those, that follow Mohammed (no, don`t think about the latter category). So, the owner of the Acme company is murdered by a toon and Roger Rabbit is blamed for that for that guy played pattycakes with his wife. A toon hating cop tries to solve the case. The plot isn`t very smart, and that`s not a problem, it`s a movie for children, for christsake! But what counts is that it features cartoon characters from both Warner Brothers and Disney production - you can actually see Duffy Duck and Donald Duck sharing the same stage. But the humor isn`t particulary great. Except for a few funny sexual references most jokes fall flat for me. No, I must admit that it sounds funny "Is that a rabbit in your coat or are you just happy to see me?" - I don`t know how this was admitted in a family movie, or: "I have the lust of a fifty year old but a dinky of a three year old". That`s - if you`re in for animation, watch it; otherwise - beat it.
2004-09-25 00:00:00
film, 1988

Back to the Future Part II

Vispār es nebiju domājis skatīties Atpakaļ nākotnē otro daļu, bet tā sanāca, ka kaut kā nebija noskaņojuma pieķerties kaut kam nopietnākam, plus šo filmu iepriekš biju redzējis tikai vienreiz un tās saturu līdz ar to atcerējos diezgan švaki, tā ka izlēmu tomēr to noskatīties.
2007-12-13 14:00:40
film, 1989

Back to the Future Part III

Ja pirmo Atpakaļ nākotnē daļu es skatījos ar maksimālu koncentrāciju, bet otro - atlaidies gultā un ļaujot filmai ritēt, tad trešo daļu skatoties man neatlika nekas cits kā paralēli mazgāt grīdu. Tas nav tāpēc, ka es pēkšņi būtu kļuvis sev neraksturīgi čakls, bet tāpēc ka katra nākamā triloģijas filma ir mazāk pārliecinoša.
2007-12-17 16:40:36
film, 1990

Death Becomes Her

It`s been years since I had last seen this film - at least 8 of them by my reconings. But I somehow was still able to remember almost perfectly what would happen at any moment of this film. Although this ain`t clearly no Shakespeare this film boasts an impressive cast and an all-star director in the person of Robert Zemeckis. The leading roles are taken by Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep - is that good enough for ya? So, Ernest Menville is a successful plastic surgeon (yeah, everybody speaks how good he is but to me that`s one REAALY important job for sure) and he`s engaged to Helen (Hawn) but when he sees and hears Madelaine (Streep) perform, he falls in love with her in an instant and marries her instead. After 14 years both Helen and Madelaine take up a potion that keeps you young forever (and makes you immortal at that) but some side-effects this thing does have. It`s then when Ernest decides to leave both these women that don`t do nothing good for him (and as far as I got he didn`t return to re-shaping tits). This is what people call a black comedy, not a particulary funny though, but it`s surely memorable - at least for me, if nothing more.
2005-01-31 00:00:00
film, 1992

Forrest Gump

"He`s gump, he`s gump, he`s kinda square" that`s what Weird Al Yankovic had to say about the main character in this movie. You certainly know that Tom Hanks won the second Oscar in a row for his performance in this film. And deservedly so! Forrest Gump was a new kind of American hero, being far from smart he was a very warm, heartfelt person, that participated in the most important events of modern history. Elvis Presley got his hip shaking style from Forrests leg fixators. He started the unveiling of the Watergate incident by a phone call. From Vietnam he came out as a hero. He even invented the smiley. And to do that he didn`t need anything more that a very kind heart and no understaning of the world. He fell in love with a girl from a no good family, he loved her all his life, although she thought that Forrest didn`t know what love is. Anyway, you know all this already. What I must say - seing this film now I knew much more about the events shown in the film and therefore it was much funnier for me than it once was. And much sadder as well.
2004-07-18 00:00:00
film, 1994

The Polar Express

Since iceage there have talks around whether computer graphics have reached/will ever reach the level of reality that you won`t be able to tell the difference between a film done by living actors and a film created entirely in a computers lab. Being a born sceptic I usually spend a lot of time trying to convince every living soul that computer animation sucks and that no polygons will ever be as pretty as the rear of JLo (although I wouldn`t be surprised if her butt was surgically improved after all) but since I`m trying to be a different kind of myself this time I`ll critisize "Polar Express" for completely different reasons. After all, you don`t dislike Salvador Dali for his pictures not looking real enough but you dislike him for being an asshole. PE could have been a brilliant cartoon had it been circa 25 minutes long, but as a normal length feature film it just doesn`t have the story to back the visual setting up with. A little boy without a name doesn`t know whether to continue believing in Santa Clause or is it time to accept the truth that there is no Easter rabbit. As he is full of doubt he gets an opportunity to go on a train to North Pole to see Santa. So he does. And he finds enough belief for his whole life. End of story. Tom Hanks speaks most of the voices behind the characters and, if I got it right, he also does the motions of most of them (which explains which children move quite creepily in this film).
2005-12-03 00:00:00
film, 2004


Ar "Beovulfu" Roberts Zemekis turpina izmantot to dīvaino robežu starp datorgrafiku un aktierspēli, ko viņš aizsāka "Polārajā ekspresī" - proti, faktiski tas, ko tu redzi, ir datorizēta versija aktieriem, kaut kā tā. Līdz ar to vizuāli "Beovulfs" visvairāk līdzinās labi nostrādātām mūsdienu datorspēlēm, teiksim tāds varētu būt piektais "Broken Sword" (ar piezīmi, ka Broken Sword būtu kļuvis par tādu slasher-spēli). Aktierus, protams, atpazīt nav grūti (Andželīna Džolī ir Andželīna Džolī, arī ja viņai ir augstpapēžu pēdas un dzīva milzīga bize, kas atgādina astoņķāja kāju.
2008-03-07 14:25:14
film, 2007