Tim Burton


"Frankenweenie" ir Timam Bērtonam ļoti īpaša filma, tā varētu domāt. Kālab tā varētu domāt? Tālab, ka šī filma bija viņa pēdējais darbs pirms kļūšanas par pilnmetrāžas kino režisoru, un 2012.gadā, teju 30 gadus pēc oriģinālā "Frankenweenie" iznākšanas Bērtons ir atgriezies pie šīs filmas. Ar to vien atšķirību, ka vecā filma ir aktierfilma, kamēr jaunā - animācijas. Kad man radīsies iespēja noskatīties jauno filmu, vēl nezinu, tālab noskatījāmies veco.
2012-10-04 22:02:17
film, 1984

Pee-wee`s Big Adventure

Nu, ko, atzīšos - mani kaut kādā veidā piesaista filmas par retard`iem. Jo kā citādi lai izskaidro, ka mēs skatījāmies šo kino eposu?
2007-05-18 00:00:00
film, 1985

Beetle Juice

This film is considered a masterpiece in goth film-making, and it`s no wonder since Tim Burton himself is the father of all goths. "Edward Scissorhands", "Corpse Bride", "Sleepy Hollow" and other films prove his perfect sense for the dark arts and dark fairytales. Therefore I expected "Beetle Juice" to be a weird kind of comedy. Yet it proved to be quite a conventional film. That`s if you don`t count the underworld, ghosts reading a book called "A Handbook for the recently deceased" and other typical goth stuff. In terms of story the film was interesting enough but I somehow think there was something done wrong about it - a great idea turned out to be quite a boring film. I don`t really know what I didn`t like about it but in the context of Burton`s better works "Beetle Juice" doesn`t shine at all. The "Betelgeuse" character itself wasn`t particulary great if you ask me. And you should ask me for it`s me who`s talking and it`s you who`s listening. I did like the goth chick though. Goths rule! I would have invited her for my birthday party if I had a chance to do that. It was Winona Ryder playing Lydia, the goth chick. Did I mention the story? I suppose not. Alec Baldwin and Gene Wilder are a perfectly normal couple that somehow dies in a car accident and returns to its house in form of ghosts. They would presumably have lived happily ever after if they hadn`t a family of yuppies moved into their house and tried to change everything around it. So the couple asks the excentric Betelgeuse for help to get rid of the living. I suppose they shouldn`t have done that.
2005-11-23 00:00:00
film, 1988

Ed Wood

This film isn`t the only meeting between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, but it`s undoubtely one of Burton`s strangest works. Edward Wood Junior is a historical person, but I didn`t know that and therefore it took some time to figure it out what`s this all about. Ed Wood is a young film writer/producer/director who wants to make it big in Hollywood. He`s a fan of Bela Lugosi - a hungarian actor who`s old and poor nowadays but who played Dracula when he was younger. So Ed makes him the star of his first few films. But all his attempts fail. He tries harder and harder yet nobody really likes his work. And you know why? Because he`s a bad writer, a bad producer, a bad actor and a shitty director. That`s probably the punchline - it`s usually considered that if you try hard you have a chance of making it, only if you believe in yourself. But it doesn`t help in the case of Ed for he ain`t got no tallent at all. That`s probably why this film failed to become a hit - people have nothing against losers that don`t achieve their goals because of somebody not allowing them to, they like losers that don`t do anything, they like even everyday losers. But a guy who believes in his work and does his best but it proves that his best is worse than anybody else`s worst - that`s not a cool character by any means. The film was quite good though, not brilliant in my book but certainly better than you`d expect.
2005-09-13 00:00:00
film, 1994

Big Fish

Ed Bloom was a mysterious man that told different strange stories to the people surrounding him and especially to his son. But when he grew up the young Will Bloom didn`t believe in anything his father told him anymore, be it a village where nobody wears shoes or be it a man in the size of a mountain. But when analysing his fathers tales more through out Will understands that they aren`t completely imagined, that there are facts which they are based upon but every storyteller adds a bit spice to his tales so they would be less boring. And Will learns to understand, what a really amazing person his father was and on his fathers dying bed he understands that it is up to him to keep the good name of the storyteller, or something like that. In the end we see the heroes of his fathers stories coming to his burial, and here they are - the giant is big but not huge, the twins aren`t siamese, but that doesn`t change the fact that Ed Bloom was a man of a great value, and that is what his son needed to learn. I enjoyed watching this film, as it has some interesting imagery, it is a fairy tale, that`s true, but how can you not love a fairy tale as beautiful as this one?
2004-07-30 00:00:00
film, 2003

Corpse Bride

I remember having said this already at least once on this factoid but repetition is the mother of all knowledge, so here it goes: "Guys with puppets get chicks." I`m not really sure about that but cartoons with puppets get high rating points. Of course, "Corpse Bride" is one more indication of my obsession with Johnny Depp. I may turn into a stalker one of these days if I won`t stop raving for every bit of film where he`s on. Ok, I probably won`t watch the Elm street movies just because he appeared on them... but such an idea came to my mind something like a minute ago. No, I`m not that obsessed! There`s no way I`m going to watch this Freddy Krueger fellow just in order to see J.D. for 10 seconds. Anyhow, Corpse Bride is one gothic fairytale about a shy young man marrying a dead woman by accident. Victor and Victoria would have been a perfect couple if Victor hadn`t put his wedding ring on the finger of the deceased Corpse Bride. What`s good about the cartoon is the aura, the atmosphere and the animation. Here you won`t see neither the crappy Disney-style drawings that I can`t really stand nor the computerised animation which also rarely works perfeclty well. Although stop-motion animation isn`t quite the hottest trend nowadays in "Corpse bride" it`s done so perfectly that even I can`t complain (although you probably know that I do complain a lot). The story itself is quite nice and the difference between the grey and gloomy world of the living and the colourful mess of the dead is amazing indeed. The only thing I didn`t really like was Victor not staying together with Corpse Bride in the end - she was a much more interesting person than that Victoria for sure. But you can`t always get what you want, they say. Still the perfect combination would be achieved if the whole three of them had stayed together. Nah, that sort of relationships wouldn`t be tollerated in a PG cartoon.
2005-12-28 00:00:00
film, 2005

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Tim Burton asked Johnny Depp to star in his latest film. They had already worked together in "Edward Scissorhands" so Johnny probably thought this could be a perfect opportunity to gain good reviews from the critics and also it was his best chance to impersonate Michael Jackson. He doesn`t succeed 100% for he has a nose way too big in order to be mistaken for Michael Jackson.
2005-10-03 00:00:00
film, 2005

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Lai arī nesen izteicos, ka man ir pamatīgi piegriezušās Oskariem izvirzītās asiņainās un vardarbīgās filmas par cilvēkiem ar psiholoģiskām problēmām, kuras es vairs negrasos tuvākajā laikā īpaši daudz skatīties, uz jauno Tima Bērtona un Džonija Depa filmu visas šīs manas garās runas, protams, neattiecās. Kā gan es varētu šo filmu nenoskatīties?
2008-01-29 16:28:49
film, 2007

Alice in Wonderland

Kā vēsta sena indiāņu paruna: ja negribi piedzīvot vilšanos, kad ej skatities filmu kinoteātrī, negaidi no tās neko spožu. Neļauj tev aizmālēt acis skaļiem vārdiem - lai vai filmas režisoru sauktu Tims Bērtons, lai tur lomās būtu Džonijs Deps, Helēna Bonema Kārtere, Anna Heteveja, Stīvens Frajs, Maikls Šīns, Alans Rikmens, Kristofers Lī un pat Mets Lūkass no "Little Britain". Pat neaizdomājies par to, ka filma tapusi pēc "Alises Brīnumzemē" motīviem un ka tu to skatīsies 3D formātā. Ej uz kino, gaidot no šīs filmas zemas kvalitātes bojeviku ar briesmīgu aktierspēli un to, ka filmu krievu valodā būs ierunājis klasiskais VHS tips ar mūžīgi puņķaino degunu. Un tad, noskatījies šo Tima Bērtona filmu, tu droši vien būsi stāvā sajūsmā, jo tā būs pārspējusi visu tevis gaidīto.
2010-03-05 23:58:43
film, 2010

Dark Shadows

Šī ir piektā pēc kārtas Tima Bērtona režisētā filma ar Džonija Depa piedalīšanos. Un septītā - ar Helēnu Bonamu Kārteri. Tas liecina par zināmu pastāvību, un arī filmas stils seko tai pašai pastāvībai, kura laikam gan ir caurvijusi visu Bērtona kino karjeru. Viņš ir režisors, kurš māk uzburt krāšņas pasaules, bet ne tik ļoti labi - radīt viengabalainas filmas. "Tumšās ēnas" šajā ziņā nav nekāds izņēmums - atkal jau visi var slavēt viņa uzburto septiņdesmito gadu mazpilsētu ar gotisko pili un vampīru, kurš droši vien ļoti labi iederas pasaulē, kur Alice Cooper ir populārs, bet kaut kas visā šajā izcili labi kopā nelīmējas.
2012-08-30 06:42:19
film, 2012